The only electric motor developed specifically for the bellyboat. A patented feather-light system that, because it is placed under the bellyboat, provides excellent manoeuvrability and stability.

Sail approximately 20 hours at vertical jigging speed (fishing technique)

Motor mount can be attached to any bellyboat with PVC bottom

Compact and ultra-lightweight system, 3 kg excl. battery

Wireless, waterproof remote control with full colour LCD screen


Float Plus 1 Bellyboat



Float Plus PRO 2

from €1364,95


Float Plus Compact 2

from €734,95

Hengelsprokkels – Record fishing with Bart

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The Float Plus 1 Bellyboat

We present: The Float Plus 1 Bellyboat! After the success of our Float Plus motorized bellyboat, the step was taken to the next challenge: developing our own bellyboat. And we succeeded. In the design and preparation, we did not take any risks. We wanted a bellyboat...