Float Plus Selection Guide: discover your ideal combination

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Float Plus Selection Guide: discover your ideal combination

Are you ready to discover the ideal gear for your fishing adventures? We have something special for you! Join our interactive Float Plus Selection Guide and find the perfect combination of electric motor and belly boat that will elevate your fishing experience.

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Discover your ideal combination:

With our product quiz, you won’t need to spend hours researching or comparing different products. Simply answer a few questions about your fishing style, the waters you fish in, and your preferences. Our advanced quiz will analyze your answers and recommend the ideal electric motor and belly boat that perfectly suits you.

Start the Float Plus Selection Guide now!

Are you ready? Click the link below and start our Float Plus Selection Guide. Within a few minutes, you’ll find the ideal gear that will take your fishing experience to new heights.

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Maximize performance and fun:

By choosing the right electric motor and belly boat, you can enjoy maximum performance and fun while fishing. Whether you’re looking for agility, speed, comfort, or safety, our Float Plus Selection Guide will consider your needs and preferences and select the perfect gear for you.

Don’t wait any longer! Get ready for unforgettable fishing adventures with the ultimate gear tailored just for you.

Need personalized advice?

If you still need personalized advice after using the Float Plus Selection Guide, please contact us at:

Interested in a test ride?

Did you know you can book a test ride with us? Free (30 minutes) or for a small contribution, a full test ride with a fishing session of at least 4 hours.

Assembling your belly boat?

At our store, you can find an extensive range of accessories and electronics (fish finders, transducers, etc.). Additionally, we offer a special deal: Free assembly service (worth €150) when purchasing a Float Plus Bellyboat, motor system, and all desired accessories and electronics!


Wishing you lots of fishing fun and success with the Float Plus Selection Guide!

Team Float Plus