NEW Float Plus System:

The Float Plus Compact Edition has been awarded by the public:
‘Best New Product 2019′

✔ Super compact system;
✔ Wireless waterproof remote with full color LCD screen;
✔ Stepless, battery indicator, memory  button for speed;
✔ Electric motor, special developed for bellyboat fishing,
thrust from 32 lbs till 41 lbs.

✔ Weight complete 3,3 kg;
✔ Compatible with different batteries:
lead battery / lithium ion battery / LiFePo4 max. 12V.

Float Plus Compact Edition € 619,- (available from 1st of February)

Float Plus Compact Edition + € 699,- (with back- & forward propulsion, available from 1st of April)

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Float Plus News

The electric motor for your float tube

The Float Plus electric motor, with its fully waterproof packaged battery and wireless remote control with full colour LCD screen included, weighs approximately 6.5 kilograms.

It can be mounted on most existing belly boats in no time using a special mount.

The maximum speed with a bellyboat is around 5 km/hour but of course depends on wind, current, type of bellyboat and total weight.

At a low speed, the battery is normally enough for 20 hours of sailing; the maximum speed can be maintained for about 2.45 hours.

More technical data can be found here on the website.

Float Plus PRO motor,
32 LBS 12V

✔ Powerful high quality 12V 41.6 Ah LG lithium ion battery

✔ Fully waterproof control case

✔ Lithium Ion  5Ah charger

✔ Specially developed very strong glass fiber filled polycarbonate for the motor housing

✔ Wireless  waterproof Full colour LCD remote

✔ Ultra-light and powerful propulsion system with a total weight of only 6500 gr.

✔ Safety line and kill switch.


Waterproof wireless remote with full colour LCD screen

✔ Precision throttle

✔ Memory speed function

✔ Battery life of remote and motor are both visible

✔ Indicates when kill switch is activated

✔ Precise way to control and adapt your speed with rotating dial