Start with Float Tube Fishing in 5 Steps

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Start with Float Tube Fishing in 5 Steps

In this article, Float Plus reveals how to “Start with float tube fishing in 5 steps”. We have compiled the ultimate beginner’s guide for you, to guide you step by step in this fascinating hobby.

Float tube fishing, a unique and special way of fishing, is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just starting out, float tube fishing offers an adventurous and affordable way to discover the world of fishing in a different way.

With float tube fishing, you have more fishing spots within your reach. In this guide, we share five steps that will help you successfully start your float tube adventure.

Step 1: Learn What Float Tube Fishing is

The essence of float tube fishing revolves around a small, stable, inflatable craft that you use to float on the water while fishing. They started with a round shape, evolved into U- and V-shapes, and the most innovative now have an H-shape with a comfortable seat.

Tip: Conduct thorough research on the different float tubes to find a boat that matches your personal preferences and needs. Take a test drive if possible.

Here we have an overview of our float tubes with the differences: Differences Float Plus Float Tubes

Step 2: Acquire the Necessary Equipment

Before you plan your first trip, it is important to have the right equipment. Make sure to get the following items:

  • Float tube: A modern, comfortable, and stable float tube is essential.
  • Motor system: Consider an efficient motor system for effective navigation on the water. Click here for an overview of the Float Plus Systems.
  • Waders: Can vary by season and preference. An insulating neoprene wader in the winter and a breathable wader in the summer.
  • Fins: Purchase fins to facilitate the maneuverability of your float tube. A must for every float tube fisherman.
  • Rod: Although this depends on your personal preference, a rod with a shorter handle and length is often recommended.
  • Clothing: Adjust your clothing to the season. Light clothing in the summer, thermal clothing and heated socks in the winter.

Step 3: Set Up Your Float Tube

After you have collected the equipment, it is time to get your float tube ready. At Float Plus, we offer professional assembly, so you can hit the water right away!

We also offer a special deal:

Free assembly service (worth €150)
when purchasing a Float Plus float tube, motor system, and all desired accessories and electronics!

Step 4: Safety and Legal Considerations

Prepare for your fishing trip by informing yourself about the local laws and regulations regarding float tube fishing.

Make sure you know what the weather forecasts are and wear a life jacket if necessary. Always inform someone about your fishing plans.

Step 5: Start Float Tube Fishing

The fishing adventure can begin! Start in known waters and gradually expand to new areas as you gain more experience.

Tip: Use a fish finder to find the best fishing spots by recognizing structures and fish underwater.


Float tube fishing is an excellent way to enjoy nature while practicing your favorite hobby.

With some practice and patience, you will quickly make great catches and enjoy all the beauty that float tube fishing has to offer!

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