Float Plus Catfish

Float Plus & Catfish

European catfish or Siluris Glanis, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. It is a fish that can grow up to 5 metres long and which, if it feels like it, will attack swimming rats, cormorants and pigeons that are paddling around. The old Dutch name was ‘vischduivel’.
A mega sport to catch these from the bellyboat! Bellyboats attract catfish, ‘how then?’ do we hear you think. Well like this;

Despite the fact that these giants are largely blind, they can perceive vibrations and electrical signals very well. This combination allows the catfish to locate anything that moves in its environment: a roach scurrying around, a frog lazing between the lilies, a cargo ship in the distance, a jellyfish cleaving through the water and producing a loud ‘clonk’.

They find the sound of flippers interesting, and the roar of the Float Plus motor also attracts their attention. A fish with an almost prehistoric appearance that is becoming increasingly popular to fish from a bellyboat.

Tobias Stuurman catches the big boys of these ‘monster’ fish from his bellyboat with great regularity. In the following movie he explains his favourite fishing method.