Float Plus NK Bellyboat Fishing 2023

Float Plus NK Bellyboat Fishing 2023

Who will be crowned the best bellyboat fisherman in the Netherlands at the Float Plus NK Bellyboat Fishing? Discover it in our blog!

The excitement of the championship, the adrenaline with every catch, and the camaraderie among participants; the NK Bellyboat Fishing 2023 was yet another unforgettable season.

Third Match Day: The Decision

The tension on the shores of the Hollands Diep was palpable. Who would take the title “best bellyboat fisherman of the Netherlands” at this iconic location?

  • Day Winners:

    1. Stijn Leemreize
    2. Thijs vd Acker
    3. Jos Ceelen
    4. Feije Graphorn

Discover the highlights, results, and special moments of the NK Bellyboat Fishing. Who was crowned the best fisherman in the Netherlands? Find out more here.

  • Record Catches:

    • Largest perch: Stijn Leemreize (44 cm)
    • Largest pikeperch: Thijs vd Acker (85 cm)
    • Largest pike: Stijn Leemreize (107 cm)

NK bellyboat fishing 2023 - 2

Final Rankings NK Bellyboat Fishing 2023

🥇 Stijn Leemreize – The undisputed Dutch Champion of Bellyboat Fishing 2023!
🥈 Thijs vd Acker – A formidable second place, proving he’s one of the best bellyboat fishermen in the Netherlands.
🥉 Feije Graphorn – The podium is complete with Feije’s impressive third place.

🎖️ A special mention for Kenny Maes, who went home with the consolation prize.
NK bellyboat fishing 2023 - 2
The 2023 season is over, and what a season it was!  Unforgettable moments, impressive catches, and the best bellyboat fishermen in the Netherlands showcasing their talent.

A special thanks to the organizers, marshals, participants, and the overwhelming support from all sponsors.

As a proud main sponsor, Float Plus eagerly looks forward to the next NK Bellyboat Fishing of this beautiful sport.

Until next time!


Team Float Plus