Roofmeister x Float Plus: Everything About Float Tubes

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Roofmeister x Float Plus: Everything About Float Tubes

When you combine a Float Plus float tube and motor with a predatory fishing expert like Thijs van den Acker, you know an unforgettable fishing day is on the schedule. That’s exactly what happened in our latest video from Roofmeister.

Thijs, a float tube expert and part of the Float Plus team, dives into one of the river ponds in this Roofmeister & Float Plus video, even though it is still early in the year. Throughout the day, he demonstrates and discusses a wide range of fishing techniques. From casting shads for zander to pelagic fishing for catfish, from using twitchbaits for perch to fly fishing for pike – Thijs shows how it’s done.

But that’s not all. As he showcases his fishing skills, Thijs shares valuable insights on how to optimally use the float tube. How do you make a perfect drift? Which waders are best for which situation? Do you opt for long or short flippers? How do you go pelagic after big predatory fish? And what float tube accessories are simply indispensable for every serious angler? Thijs answers all these questions, and many more.

As if that wasn’t enough, Thijs sets himself a challenging task during this trip: to catch five different species of predatory fish. Will he manage to complete this personal challenge? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Watch the full video from Float Plus & Roofmeister here:

This is an absolute must-watch for both novice and experienced Float Tube fishermen who want to expand their skills and knowledge. And if you’re considering buying a float tube and motor from Float Plus, this video gives you an excellent view of what to expect.