Denmark’s largest sturgeon with Float Plus

Largest Sturgeon Record Denmark

Denmark’s largest sturgeon with Float Plus

Largest Sturgeon Record in Denmark

In 2022, Jens Bursell caught the largest Sturgeon Record in Denmark’s hile vertical fishing from a bellyboat. In this video, you get the chop, the fight and the amazing sight of the huge white sturgeon.This delivering a bang of a fight, where it was halfway out of the water twice, making the whole thing rock in the float. Imagine what it feels like to sightfish and hook a fish in the 90-95 kilo class on just 6 metres of line with a brake pressure of over ten kilos, while sitting right above it in a float. It’s not just wild – it’s absolutely insane! In addition to acute fish fever and galloping fish joy, the video also features a series of LiveScope screen films of various fish, takes – or lack thereof – and fun observations that may be useful for your own future sight fishing for the giants of the lakes.

The same fish caught in the video has previously landed with a top weight of 97 kilos as an official Danish record by Bo Kaul in 2019. Camillo, as the fish is called, was when it was caught vertically this time probably slightly below this weight – and was not weighed.

Along the way, there are plenty of tips on float fishing with Livescope.  And, examples of how to tackle this super exciting fishing in purely practical terms. In the film, you fish vertically with a worm.  As well as sight fishing with a spider, and you can look forward to an action-packed film with lots of fishing fun, frustration, difficult fishing days – and finally the reward with the wildest dream catch.

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